Simulation 2.0: If you were me

“Words cannot describe how they feel, voices can be forgotten after few days, images can be blurred after few hours, but feelings will never fade away. Even when we forgot what is the sound, the image looks like.” -Zhen Xiang, 2018

On the 27th and 28th of March, Hands of Hope organized the second simulation — Simulation 2.0: If You Were Me. Aiming to recreate the struggles and challenges faced by refugees, to ensure that the participants have a clearer vision of the issue while truly being able to understand the struggles faced by them.

          Hands of Hope Simulation 2.0: If You Were Me is a 3-hours long refugee simulation programme that consists of a series of activities to let the participants feel and experience what is it like to be a refugee. The simulation programme aims to spread awareness about the refugee issues in Malaysia, and some of the problems that are faced by these underprivileged communities, among the public.

          The concept is taken from few of the stories about the journey of refugee, escaping from their homeland and in search of a better place to resettle. The simulation activities cover some of the problems that are faced by the refugee community during their journey to find a new home, and also issues of their human rights and working opportunity in Malaysia. The series of activities done take the form of hands-on mode, as well as practical thinking session that triggers the mind of participants to think about the what and how they can able to help the refugee community.

          A total of 60 participants from public and over 30 facilitators have made this simulation event a success. Most of the public community may or may not aware about this social issue that is beginning to grow in Malaysia, and we believe that through this simulation programme, we can give public a better insight on what are refugees and bring a call-for-action among

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the public to tackle on this issue.


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