What is Sponsor-A-Child Project?

Hands of Hope is a long-term voluntary project established in January 2014 with a mission to sow seeds of change to the underserved communities through education. For the past 3 years, we have connected up to 300 university students to volunteer in refugee schools and special needs school, providing educational assistance to them on a weekly basis.

Through our involvement with the refugee community, we noticed an increasing dropout rate among refugee children due to financial struggles. With the lack of access to free education, many children struggle to stay in school and are stuck in the dilemma of pursuing an education or working to feed their families. Hands of Hope saw the struggles of these children, and we decided to raise funds for Sponsor-A-Child Project – a project which further assists students who have financial problem to return to school and gain a better education.

How can I be part of this?

You can support this cause by donating: 

  • RM200 (One full month)
  • RM1000 (Half-a-year)
  • RM2000 (One full year)
  • Donation of any amount to Sponsor-A-Child Project

*Cover school fees, uniforms, shoes, textbooks, classroom supplies, transportation and educational activities

What will you receive?

With the sponsorship of RM1000 and above, you will receive:

  • An introductory pack about your sponsored child.
  • Academic performance and updates of the sponsored child.
  • Opportunities to connect with your child through letter, email or even meet up!



Kindly send us an email ([email protected]) if you wish to support the education of these kids!