Sowing the Seeds of Storytelling Comic


Sowing the Seeds of Storytelling is a comic series illustrated by Ooi Huiqi, who which to share stories to the world. These stories came from our volunteers and committees. Aside from providing you a fun read, we hope that we are able to inspire other individuals through these stories and help make an impact together. 

If you have any great story during volunteering sessions with Hands of Hope. Share it with the world!
Whether it’s touching, funny, cute or inspiring, we’d be more than happy to read and share your stories! Who knows, you might just inspire someone to join volunteering.


Highlights of this end year party

1. Mr SB doing a spin-toss of candy to his students and community. Best described as that scene in Spirited Away when No Face tossed gold nuggets like a rich man and the people of the bath house scrambling the floor for it. The genuineness of the kids’ and mothers’ fun and excitement was refreshing.

2. Cris calling out “Hi” to me when he saw me lingering at the edge of their party.

3. Rose smiling and nodding when I asked her if she remembered me, she had an Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra eye makeup going on today.

4. Hase and the rest of her friends crowding me as I drew their party. Eating and mingling isn’t much of my thing. I prefer watching the warmth and enjoyment of the others’ faces as they devoured their food. I liked feeling the weight of their little bodies pressed to my shoulder as they tried to see what I see.

5. Mr SB proclaiming that he will make Hase the person to contact for the volunteers. She’s deaf and needs to get a hearing aid, but she’s also warm and kind and friendly.

6. Me being able to understand and translate what Mr SB was trying to say despite his accent. I mumble as well, takes one to know one. 7. Noticing that OrThang had grown a little chubbier and taller from the last time I saw him.

8. One of the centres’ teachers giving a big big smile and an excited wave when she noticed I was there. Her baby ,voluntarily, also waved at me when I bent down and pulled faces at her. My heart stopped and I felt like for a moment my life was complete.

9. Hours after the party ended and I walked to my car, I heard a child’s faraway “ teacher! Hi!”. A little freaked out, I looked around. “No, teacher up!” I looked up to scan the grilled houses above me and see small hands waving excitedly from inside, “Hi teacher!” I waved back and yelled “Goodbye!” ”


Illustration and story by Huiqi

This was a quick delivery job I had to do. I think it was from our food bank experiment, where we collected food instead of cash from our volunteers when we hold development workshops. I was alone that day, and late.
In a huff, I walked into this school and asked Isak to help me carry in the food. He’s the oldest and often helps with the heavy lifting. His teacher had left her baby in his care that day, sling and all.
No questions asked, Isak follows me to my car and starts grabbing the bags. I was going to take some myself, but when I ducked down to the back seats, all of them had gone! I looked back to see Isak jogging back to the school, arms full with derpy baby bobbing on his back. Such a trooper!




“As an activity, the committee team had a cleanup session at one of our schools. The school had been going through a lot that year so the principal was just all over the place with donated goods or school materials in general. In some of the forgotten boxes and bags are hidden here and there, we found school stationary and children books.

We were trying to neaten up the school, so we decided to just give them out to the kids that were around and ask them to distribute amongst their community. For some reason, they sat in a circle clutching their stuff and were laughing maniacally. It was the type of laughter that sprouted from a scheme that you’d pull as a kid, knowing that it was a joke but thinking you’re so clever in coming up with it all the same. The other committees just glanced once and busied themselves with the cleanup,
I stood there and watched for a bit. They looked like they were pirates splitting their treasure. “


The Car Ride- Lee Yang Yao

“After Startup Weekend KL Youth, a 3-days-2-night camp where the kids learned about entrepreneurship, I was fetching them back to their learning center. On the journey, the kids were happily listening to their music as I let them be the DJ of my car and choose the songs.
Suddenly, one of the girls, Victoria said in an excited tone: “Guys, I have a question to ask!”

Surprised, I looked at my rear mirror to see what was happening. She noticed me looking and was suddenly shy and told me: “Not you, not you…”
So, I continued driving and pretended to not pay attention. But I was in the car and you can’t really hear what she was saying. It’s like she was whispering…
So, she asked her group of friends: “Are you all happy with the event we attended?” (Not the exact wording but you get what I mean)
A loud “YES!!” was replied by their friends.
I peeked through the rear mirror again, and saw her with a big satisfied smile on her face saying ” Good because I am happy too!” Then, they carried out their music jamming session and some even slept on the way out of tiredness from attending the events.”