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Hands of Hope has grown to a total of 80 volunteers per semester – all who went out to teach English, Maths, Science, Music, Hygiene, etc. to up to four schools of refugee communities and special needs children.
Aside from teaching, there are also several events and projects under Hands of Hope to raise awareness, generate funds and create systems for the underserved communities to be self-sustainable.

None of these would have happened without everyone’s contribution – and that includes you! The works you are going to do now has truly created an impact in these communities live, and we are grateful!

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Past Activities

Below are the activities that we have done in Volunteering Session since Year 2014.

Weekly Volunteering Sessions

Briefing before volunteering

Picnic for Joy

July 2017

Mega Gathering

June 2017

Biji Biji X Hands of Hope Workshop 2017