Year Events
July 2018 Mega Gathering 2018
March 2018 Simulation 2.0 “If You were Me”
With the aim to provide participants a different view and experience towards refugees circumstances. Simulation reignites the environment and challenges from the real-life experience of refugees to the participants, giving a clear vision in understanding the situation they faced.
January 2018 Sowing the Seeds of Storytelling
A comic series that can make volunteers’ stories come alive.
October 2017 Humanitarian Week 2017: Behind My Smile
Together with U-Schos, Refuge For The Refugees and The Good Tavern, we are joining forces this year to organize a week-long humanitarian awareness campaign to highlight humanitarian issues in Malaysia and how each and everyone of us can play a part to make a difference. Hands of Hope organized “Charity Musical Concert: A Journey for Hope” which play that illustrates the story of hardships, resilience and hope among the marginalised communities living in poverty, with a special focus on refugees.
July 2017 My One-Day Uni Life 2017
2017’s MODUL was a little different from the previous years, we decided to make it into a two-days-one-night camp, and it was held on the 26th and 27th of July. There was a total of 120 refugee teens who came from different refugee education centres.
July 2017 Picnic For Joy
June 2017 Mega Gathering June 2017
Hands of Hope first Mega-Gathering with the purpose of bringing our schools and volunteers together and create an opportunity for strengthen the relationshop.
May 2017 My One Day Uni Life (MODUL) 3.0
A 2-Day-1-Night event that allows underprivileged teenagers to experience the life of a university student. With the aims to create social impact, and to bridge the gap between university students and the under-served communities.
April 2017 Biji-biji x HOH Workshop 2017.
In collaboration with Biji-biji Initiative for vocational training of 40 refugee children on how to make detergent bottle solar lamps and e-waste jewelry. It aimed to help kickstart refugee children entrepreneurship skills and creative thinking abilities.
March 2017 The brush calligraphy workshop
With the aims to provide an alternative way of support to the refugee community through basic brush calligraphy by collaborating with Faith Lim.
December 2016 The Amplify Awards
Hands of Hope Choir was invited to perform at the Amplify Awards 2016 hosted by Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MAGIC)
November 2016 DDMC Sports Day
Dirty Dingos M.C. Singapore is a team of bikers who aim to create awareness for refugee children, to create a safer learning environment and to equip refugee with relevant life skills. HOH helped in the coordination of the sports event for students from two learning centers.
November 2016 Art Workshop
In collaboration with Projek SeniKami, Hands of Hope organized an art workshop –
 shadow puppets for the students at one of our learning centers.
September 2016 Busking HOH X HOT
Collaboration with a local artist which develops the art skills in children as well as raising funds for the children’s education through the selling of 50 books to the public.
October 2016 Charity Musical Night 2016 – Imagine A World
It’s the 3rd Charity Musical Night with the purpose to raise funds for Sponsor-A-Child Project to support the education of the children. A total of RM14,000 are raised from the event, which allows sponsoring 14 children back to school.
July 2016 Khind Starfish Foundation
Pitched the idea about Hands of Hope and KMY Project to KHIND Sdn. Bhd. and managed to collect RM7,000 in total.
July 2016 Recycling Project
Collaboration with the Mayview International School students to bring the awareness as welll as encouraging green lifestyle to the refugee children at MSO.
May 2016 Kyan-Mar-Yeh (KMY) Project 
A health project initiated to tackle the specific health needs of the underserved community.
May 2016 My One Day University Life 2.0
80 teenagers from the underprivileged communities are brought to UCSI University with the objective of exposing them to university life, thereby motivating them to study diligently to achieve their future goals.
March 2016 Books of Hope
Collaboration with a local artist which develops the art skills in children as well as raising funds for the children’s education through the selling of 50 books to the public.
March 2016 Sri Eden Sports’ Day
Collaborating a sport’s day with the Sri Eden Special Needs school which was attended by 50 volunteers and 80 Special Needs students.
December 2015 Sponsor-A-Child Project  
Supported 12 students with financial difficulties to various educational institutions – CSO, IDEAS Academy and HELP University.
October 2015 Charity Musical Night 2015 – Ignite My Life
Through the generosity of its donors, the event managed to raise RM 11,000 to support 
the education of students from CSO to ease their financial burden and allow them to continue schooling throughout 2016.
October 2015 Brightening Up One’s Day (SEP 101 Project)
Project initiated by UCSI Scholars’ Enrichment Programme Scholars to improve facilities in CSO.
January 2015 My One Day University Life
120 children and teenagers from the refugee and special needs community came to UCSI University for a day of University experience.
December 2014 Charity Musical Night
Musical night performance by the refugee children choir and raised RM12,000  to kick start music lessons.
January 2014 Starting of Hands of Hope!
With a mission to sow seeds of change to the underserved communities through education.
2013 Rocket to the moon
Initiated by UCSI Scholar’s in collaboration with CSO to conduct scientific education and raised 
RM2,000 in two weeks.