My one-day uni life (MODUL)

Hands of Hope organized the inaugural “My One Day Uni Life” in the Year 2015 – an event specially designed for children from the underprivileged communities to experience a day in the university as a student. With positive responses received from the children upon their “graduation”, Hands of Hope decided to impact more lives through this extraordinary university experience by bringing this event to more children and teenagers.

Therefore, “My One Day Uni Life” became an annual event. My One-Day Uni Life 2.0 was held on 7th May 2016, serving the same objective as before which is to expose teenagers from the underprivileged communities to university life, thereby motivating them to study diligently to achieve their future goals. Hands of Hope strongly believes that education has the power to change one’s life, and this event can be a stepping stone for them to see how they can strive for a better future through education.

In My One-Day Uni Life 2.0, a total of 80 teenagers came to UCSI South Wing Campus from various schools and homes, namely Ruth Education Centre, House of Joy, Ti-ratana Welfare Society Malaysia, Sri Eden and Hii Chii Kok Foundation. Throughout the event, the participants were grouped according to their ambitions and preferred area of studies. With their groups, they attended 3 classes together with different faculties, catching a glimpse of how being a student feels like in the university.
The faculties and institutes that were on board include De Institute of Creative Arts and Design, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Aquatic Science of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Food Science of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts and Institute of Music. All the faculties and institutes prepared interactive classes with the teenagers which involved hands-on activities and a brief introduction on the respective facilities and institutes. This allowed the teenagers to explore different areas of studies and understand more on the possible pathways that they can take in the future. Towards the end of the event, a talk was given for the teenagers to think about their dreams, and to encourage them to be courageous and strive for their future. The event then ended with a graduation ceremony, where all participants went on stage to receive a certificate. When it was time for good-byes, some participants said, “we want to come here everyday!”

Even though it was just a short event, we believe that we have sowed a seed in their mind to set their eyes on getting a tertiary education. “My One-Day Uni-Life 2.0” would not be possible without the support from our kind sponsors. We hereby express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all our sponsors for making this event a memorable and impactful day for the teens.

My One-Day Uni Life : The children are learning about body structure and system in the classroom.

My One-Day Uni Life: The children are learning wushu from students from UCSI University Wushu Club.


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My One-Day Uni Life 4.0 will be held on June 2018. If you are interested, kindly send an email to [email protected] on how you can support us in the event.

We believe that your support will make a significant impact on the lives of the underserved communities.