Kyan-Mar-Yeh (KMY)


Kyan-Mar-Yeh (KMY) project, initiated in May 2016, empowers communities by promoting sustainable health practices through community involvement and research-based nutrition program.

Apart from health education and skill-building workshops, KMY Project also collaborated with different health-related communities in order to bring healthcare access to underserved communities. Co-founded by Tanasha Suhandani and Kristy Tan; a co-founder of Hands of Hope Malaysia NGO and both Nutrition with Wellness students from UCSI University, respectively, the project has grown from four volunteers to 20+ volunteers each semester; impacting more than 200 refugee communities around Kuala Lumpur area over the year.

We believe that by combining resources of health skills from different individuals, at the same time providing a skill-building workshop for the underserved community, will better reinforce the understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyle and local ingredients knowledge, which benefits their health in the long term.

The main beneficiaries of this project are the refugee community, in particular, the Chin and Rohingya communities. However, as the project expands, more beneficiaries such as Special Needs children were also exposed to nutrition education and skill-building healthy cooking class. Up to date, we have been able to provide health and hygiene education to three schools, namely Matu Student Organization, Rohingya Community Schools and Sri Eden Special Needs School, with a total of 60 students and 10 parents.