E-lluminate is a social enterprise that aims to empower marginalized communities by providing :
1. Quality education
2. Vocational trainings
3. Entrepreneurship

Did you know? Refugees in Malaysia have limited access to education, employment and healthcare services. Their living conditions are harsh, and are often discriminated by the public. Hence, the need of them to be self sustainable is very crucial, which is one of the main goals E-lluminate is trying to achieve.

1. Quality Education
Learning centres are dependent on volunteers, resulting in the inconsistency of teaching. E-lluminate places experienced teachers in learning centres, consequently developing a syllabus for an improved education system.

2. Vocational Trainings
Students are exposed to elementary level vocational trainings such as public speaking and accounting. Besides empowering them academically, E-lluminate also equips them with skillsets that are practical and helpful for their future.

3. Entrepreneurship
Learning centres do not have the legal rights to fundraise in Malaysia. Since they are not allowed to work and fundraise, how are they supposed to self-sustain themselves without any channel of income? This is why E-lluminate will transform the works done from vocational trainings into assets of sustainability.

Visit http://e-lluminate.my/ to know more about E-lluminate and check out their Facebook to stay updated with them!