To many of us, education is a basic right that we often take for granted.
But what we do not realize is, receiving an education is not just a basic right, it is a privilege.

         Throughout two years of involvement and volunteering in refugee schools and special needs school under our voluntary project – Hands of Hope, we observed an increasing dropout rate from school due to financial problem. With the lack of access to free education, many children struggle to stay in school and are stuck in the dilemma of pursuing an education or working to feed their families.

            On 8th of October 2016, we are having our 3rd Charity Musical Night with the purpose to raise funds for Sponsor-A-Child Project to support the education of the children so that they can receive education with lighter financial burden.

         Themed “Imagine A World”, this musical performance will not only be an eye-opener to issues of refugees who have fled wars and conflicts from their homeland but also portray the personal battles of refugee children coping with life in the new country. Hear their stories of being in a new place, alongside with the longing to return to their homeland. Through music, we hope to bring a different view and perspective towards refugees for our audience.

         If they have a choice, will they ever choose to be refugees? Will a world without war, hunger, and fight remain merely as an imagination for the rest of their life? Or is there something that we can do to turn this imagination into reality?

         Our special performances brought to you by children from 2 refugee schools – Chin Student Organisation and Ruth Education Centre, conducted by Kim Lim. Besides, thank you Jumaat Jam Ensemble and Klang Chamber Choir for the amazing performances on the daytogether with Nurul Aina Abd. Ghani (First Runner Up in TV3 Mentor Legend and Senior Vocalist of Champion of the World in World Championship of Performing Art in the Year 2014). 

We want to take this opportunity to thank Dato’ Peter Ng (Founder of UCSI University & CEO of UCSI Group) for his generous contribution of RM12k to support Sponsor A Child Project! Also, thank you for our sponsors: F&N, Green Yard, Kind Starfish Foundation and CityWrite, in helping us to run our event successfully.

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Hands of Hope would like to express our utmost gratitude towards everyone who made an effort to attend our Hands of Hope 3rd Charity Musical Night on October 8th! We couldn’t have done it without the help of our committees and facilitators, who spent countless late nights planning and organizing the event! Not to mention everyone in the audience that bought tickets to support us! Here are some pictures from the event!
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