In 2015, Hands of Hope organized the second installment of “Hands of Hope Charity Night” to raise funds for supporting the education of refugee children from Chin Student Organisation (CSO) Refugee Learning Centre. After raising over RM 10,000 in donations from its inaugural event last year , Hands of Hope returns with the same vision of sowing seeds of change through education to under-served communities.

“Among these children, there are so many bright ones with so much potential. Yet, these children are limited due to their status which they did not get to choose. With the lack of access to free education, many children struggle to stay in school and are stuck to choose between pursuing an education and working to feed their families,” said Suzanne Ling, Co-founder of Hands of Hope.

Themed “Ignite My Life”, the event highlighted the importance of developing a sustainable method of providing aid to these students.  The event aimed to ease the financial burden of the students from CSO and allow them to continue schooling throughout 2016.  

Through the generosity of its donors, this event managed to raise MYR11,000. With the funds raised, five refugee students have been selected to receive financial support to study at IDEAS Academy while another five students with financial difficulties will be supported to study at CSO in 2016. The selected students will commit themselves to contribute back to their own community by providing extra lessons for students who are weaker in class and night classes for dropouts who need to work upon receiving this financial support.

As an appreciation to its kind donors, the event held at LeMoon’s Eatery.Bakery.Zakka featured performances from students of CSO and Indie-Pop band Froya. The event also held a mini art auction featuring artwork by Felicia See and Mok Chun Wai, inspired by life stories of refugees.


Delicious refreshments sponsored by LeMoon’s Eatery.Bakery.Zakka

Choir performance by students from Chin Student Organisation Refugee Learning Centre

Co-founder of Hands of Hope, Kim Lim, conducting the performances for the night

Independent Indie-Pop Artist,
FROYA hyping up the crowd with their music.


“To many of us, education is a basic right that we often take for granted. But what we do not realize is, receiving an education is not just a basic right, it is a privilege that many children dream and long to have,” said Lee Swee Lin, organizing chairperson of Hands of Hope Charity Night 2015.

“Hands of Hope saw the struggles of these children, and we are not going to be silent about it. Every child is a child despite nationality, religion, financial capability and status – and every child deserves an education,” added Lee.


Paintings by Felicia See, inspired by stories of the refugee children. All paintings were sold out that night with a minimum donation of RM200/piece.

Personalized L.Luthier Ukulele by Mok Chun Wai