Themed “Colour of Life”, this is a two-day Charity Bazaar organized by Hands of Hope UCSI University, held on 6th and 7th October 2018 at Sunway Velocity. The theme “Colour of Life” set portrays the two different sides of colours in our lives: the colourful lives we are breathing and the darker lives the refugees are living. Sadly true, most of the refugees in Malaysia face a lot of challenges in many ways throughout their lives. To add on this matter, throughout our involvement in the refugee communities we were shocked by the recent news that UNHCR has no longer been providing protection for the Chin’s refugee as Myanmar’s Chin State is now stable and they would have to go back their homeland by December 2019. Therefore, through this event we hope that we can provide a glimpse of light to brighten the dark lives they are living in.

As an organization which cares and concerns about the underserved communities, Hands of Hope would not remain hushed regarding the issues faced by the Chin’s refugees. Through this event, our main purpose is none other than to raise funds in supporting the Chins’ expenses for going back to their homeland and partially support the education fees for the Chin’s refugee students when they go back to their homeland. Apart from serving as a fundraiser for the Chins, this event also aids as a medium for the public to spread the awareness regarding refugee issues that are highly overlooked by most of the Malaysians. Besides, we wish to create a platform for refugee students to explore and perform their talents.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Sunway Velocity Mall for sponsoring the venue and other sponsors: Malaysian Youth Community (In collaboration with KIT KAT and NIPS), The Taste food industry, Garage Hussein & Co Ltd and Citywrite in helping us to run our event successful!

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Our partner – Green Up Project, an environment project initiated by youth in UCSI University with the aim to create awareness of the importance of green living through up-cycling and urban farming.

Our Partner: E-lluminate, a social enterprise with the mission to empower refugees in education by placing quality teachers, equipping vocational skills, and instilling entrepreneurship in refugee learning centres.

Our partner: Biji-Biji Initiative, with the aim to share progressive ideas with everyone. Other than traveling, a bicycle can be used to generate electricity for sound system too!

Performance by Lollapalooza Singers Junior from UCSI University.

Traditional Dance by Zomi Education Center.

Performance by Ruth Education Center.

Performance by Ouichitto Olokosundor from UCSI University.

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